About me!

This is still a relatively new blog*, – but it’s really just a place for me to store stuff, a bit like my own library.. and it makes the materials accessible to you too!

You’ll find here links to some of the conference talks and webinars I’ve given, as well as blog posts, a few #ELTchat summaries, and a list of materials I’ve written (course books, teachers books and a few articles).

You’ll soon see that my main (ELT) interests include teaching and training adults, Business English, one:one teaching, ESP, sometimes EAP, and specifically teaching advanced learning, and dealing with vocabulary and pronunciation. I’ve also included a few posts and talk materials about using video in the classroom, and different approaches to reading and listening. What isn’t yet included here is any of my stuff on EMI – English Medium of Instruction training, which I should sort out. (Note to self…!)

Language teaching and training aside, I like trams (you may know why!), I’m interested in biking, hiking and recently jogging (10 k completed!), and when I have more time, I mess around with watercolours and love listening to great music.

Thanks for visiting the site, and please feel free to get in touch by leaving a comment, or contacting me on social media just-to-say– then I know you ‘called while I was out’!


Rachel Appleby

* so please bear with me while I’m still finalising some of the features – thanks!


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