This is where I keep general information about the workshops I run. These are intended for advanced level speakers of English (C1/C2), and focus predominantly on skills, rather than language.

I have been running a range of training courses for over 20 years throughout Europe, and also in the Middle- and Far East, for International House, the British Council, and also as a freelance trainer. My areas of interest include language, communication skills, and supporting staff already working in a teaching environment (teacher training – e.g. EAP staff at universities; teachers of Business English). I also run online training.

I run the workshops below as a freelancer. They are held in English, face-2-face, and a C1 language level is expected from every participant. Group size ranges from 8-12 participants, and workshops are organised “on demand”; i.e. they are not run for individuals who wish to join, but for a group of professionals at an institution. The workshops vary considerably, and are between 1 and 4 days in length. They can, of course, be tailored to your / your group’s specific needs.


PRESENTATION SKILLS / Public Speaking (2-4 days): developing strategies for effective audience engagement, increased confidence in delivering a talk, and a clear organisational structure.


NETWORKING SKILLS (1-2 days): focusing on getting the most out of conference attendance (before / during / after), and building an on- and offline personal network.


CLASS INTERACTION (1-2 days): promoting student engagement and involvement through off- and online tools and strategies.



We’re often too busy to attend long training courses, or read copious amounts of background theory. Yet having a teaching colleague to discuss ideas with can be invaluable in our own development.
This workshop focuses on two areas: (a) how to set up and run a successful peer observation programme, and/or (b) ways of reflecting and working without someone observing / without having to observe another

class, but with the opportunity of mutual and focused peer support / discussions.


(Intended for English for Academic Purposes (EAP) / University contexts)
An Introduction: HOW TO GET PUBLISHED (1- or 2-day workshop) (closed group)
Topics covered include: 
  • Research Topics
  • Research Questions
  • Abstracts
  • Journals: Stylesheets
  • Language / phrases
  • Article Structure
  • Building a Network
  • Procedure for Writing / Submitting


* * * * *


Facilities / Equipment required for workshops:

To run these workshops with a group face-to-face, the following are needed:
– a good sized room with moveable seating and tables/desks for each participant.
– wifi (or internet connection)
– a computer, projector and speakers
– a whiteboard / flipchart+paper, – and suitable pens.
Facilities available for tea/coffee also … is a good idea!

For online workshops, the following will be needed / used:

Zoom (for the video platform)
Whatsapp (for keeping in touch last minute)
Various online tools for interaction, including Google Docs
All participants should be expected to take part with their webcams switched ON (except for during individual activities and breaks). It is uncomfortable – and therefore a little more difficult – to run an extended workshop without being able to see participants’ faces for at least some of the time. Thank you!


Should you, your colleagues – or other professionals you know – be interested in hearing more about these workshops, please get in touch with me:

I am based in Budapest but travel regularly within the region.


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