About me!

Thanks for dropping by! This is a blog which isn’t really a blog; it’s just a place for me to store stuff, a bit like my own library … and it makes the materials accessible to you too!

You’ll find here links to some of the conference talks and webinars I’ve given (with ppt slides & handouts as available), as well as blog posts, a few #ELTchat summaries, and a list of materials I’ve written (course books, teachers books and a few articles).

You’ll soon see that my main (ELT) interests include teaching and training adults, Business English, one:one teaching, sometimes ESP, EAP, and specifically teaching advanced learning, and dealing with vocabulary and pronunciation. I’ve also included a few posts and talk materials about using video in the classroom, and different approaches to reading and listening. I’m currently doing a fair bit of EMI training (wotking with Higher Education staff to teach their subject with English as the Medium of Instuction); there are no articles or publications here yet on this – although there’s a conference talk coming [4/2019 – watch this space for a handout and ppt slides], but I’ve included places where I’ve run EMI courses.

Language teaching and training aside, I like trams (you may know why!), I’m interested in biking, hiking and occasionally jogging (10 k completed!), and when I have more time, I mess around with a sketchbook + watercolours and love listening to great music.

Thanks for visiting the site, and please feel free to get in touch by leaving a comment, or contacting me on social media just-to-say– then I know that you “called while I was out”!



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