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Course books and teachers books:

Oxford University Press Business Result 2nd edition, Teacher’s Books: Upper-intermediate (2018);  Pre-intermediate (2017)


OUP Navigate, Teacher’s Books: C1 (2016); B1+ (2015)


OUP International Express Pre Intermediate, and Upper Intermediate 3rd Edition (2014) – Students’ books, co-author

Macmillan The Business (2009) Advanced – Students’ book, co-author







OUP Business Result Advanced (2009) – Teacher’s book co-author

OUP Business One:one Series (2008, 2007, 2006) – Advanced, Pre-Intermediate, and Intermediate+ levels – Students’ books, co-author



‘Turning the clock back. Looking again at listening’ (Oct. 2015), in Modern English Teacher (MET), Pavilion Publishing

‘Teacher qualifications: does your qualification equip you to teach?’ (April 2014) in Modern English Teacher (MET), Pavilion Publishing

Several review articles published in OUP’s ELTJ (English Language Teaching Journal) (‘00, ‘02, ’04; ‘10, ‘12), the last one reviewing the IATEFL 2010 Harrogate Conference Selections

Several summary articles of talks I’ve given at IATEFL (UK) conferences in the Conference Selections publications, e.g. Harrogate 2014:

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